Fowler High School

Stronger together, Redcats forever!


A Message From Your Principal


    Greetings Students and Parents:

    Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year!  This is an exciting time, as we are gearing up for the first day of school on August 16, 2022.  Many of our Redcats are already here on campus, some for sporting activities, while others are planning for your return to school. For example, our ASB and Leadership students planned out day one activities and developed a new motto that should shape your thinking every day on this campus. Stronger together, Redcats forever! Our Link Crew is busy planning great experiences/activities for all our incoming 9th graders

    Our teachers planned over the summer in anticipation of your return. Fowler High has made a commitment to support each and every student. Our Guiding Coalition will be in full swing to support all learning here on campus. We believe that all our students can learn and will achieve at high levels. Remember to reach out to an adult if you need support. We have a myriad of resources to support you, from tutoring to social emotional support. One of our goals this year is to build relationships so that each and every student knows there is an adult on campus that cares about you! Our staff does a great job of this and I know this will continue. We all want you to have a great experience while you are at FHS.  

    Finally, I have a challenge for you: I challenge you to find a way to get involved. Consider joining a sport, being in or starting a club, and engaging in arts and activities. Getting involved will help you to build lasting friendships built on the tradition of,  “Once a Redcat, always a Redcat!” Reinforcing that as a Redcat we are family. 



    Scott Braun