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    Welcome to Fowler High School.


    Wow, it is truly an honor to be the newest REDCAT. Over the summer I was able to sit down and talk with many students, staff, and community members. The resounding comments were that this is a special place for all.  Many of you reminded me that communication, valuing traditions, and being visible is of the utmost importance.  Just a short synopsis of myself:  I come to you from a large district, with a wide variety of experiences.  I have worked as a teacher, a coach, a vice principal, and in the College and Career readiness department of Fresno Unified. Through these experiences I have learned that the most important aspect of being on a high school campus is working together to support students through building relationships and valuing the aspect of teamwork.

    We are coming together this year after one of the most challenging experiences our society could face.  Throughout the last year and a half this country and its citizens were isolated from each other like never before.  In my 23 years as an educator, this has never happened, and I would venture to say that it has never happened in anyone’s career or lifetime.  With that being said, we have an opportunity to rebuild.  I may date myself here, but like the $6 Million Man or the Bionic Woman we can rebuild Fowler High School and make it better than it has ever been.  We will do this by valuing relationships and reestablishing the time honored culture of what makes Fowler High School what it is.  A culture that establishes the resiliency of its staff, students and community.  Last year was exhausting, but you and the students were resilient and overcame the challenges of isolation and often feeling lonely due to not being able to interact with one another as we are accustomed to.

    All this aside we have many reasons to celebrate, Fowler High School finished the 2020-2021 school year strong!  You and our students overcame the challenges of the pandemic.  Many in person activities were held to honor students and the community.  We were able to celebrate our students at the spring band concert in the quad, scholarship night, the Top “10” awards, and multiple valley championships and 2 state Championships one in Basketball and one in Softball!!  The pinnacle of the year was an in person graduation that celebrated our most precious resource: the students. Take a moment to reflect on the great accomplishments of Fowler students and staff.  Now is the time to rise from the isolation of last year to reestablish the REDCAT way! Looking forward to a great year!

    Please familiarize yourself with the content of this Faculty Handbook as it provides valuable information regarding operations, policies, processes, important dates for instructional activities, professional expectations and other relevant information about Fowler High School.





    Scott Braun

    Fowler Redcats


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