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A Message From Your Principal


    To all who come to this  happy place, welcome!  Fowler High School is your school. Here you will make memories to last a lifetime, and enjoy the challenge and promise of the future. At Fowler High School, not only are you a student, you are part of a family, the “Redcat Family!” You are extremely privileged to have a staff of educators and support services that are dedicated and compassionate with high expectations for your success.

    Through Mind, Body, and Spirit, you and every student will receive a world class education. My mission for you is simple: Dream It, Do It, as you go through your years here at Fowler High School. Work toward your goals with a Growth Mindset. It’s just as important to excel in your studies as it is  to help others and give back to your community. I envision our school as a place where all members respect one another and interact as a solid family with strong morals  and a strong work ethic. The community, parents, and school also  work together through partnerships and the commitment to educating our students, so you will become productive members of society. The school is a place for learning and growing, where curiosity leads us down new paths.  We can never become complacent because everything around us continues to change and grow.

    I am a product of this school district and a graduate of Fowler High School. As your principal, it is my privilege to be your educational leader.  However, I need you to commit to your educational experience here at Fowler High. You need to embrace your learning experience and always strive to do your very best. If you can do this, I can guarantee you a great high school experience, and that you will be prepared for college, vocational school, military, or any career you choose.

    I am always open to hear your ideas on how we can strive to make your years here at Fowler High better. You are Redcats and as Redcats, we will always work together to create a school that you can proud of. Always remember that, “If you can "DREAM IT, you can DO IT!”

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact any member of our administrative team.


    Rick  Romero

    Fowler Redcats


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