• Promise Statement

    Fowler Unified School District’s success is built on the tradition of community collaboration and partnership with Fowler and the Malaga Communities. Fowler Unified is student-centered, and committed to meeting the needs of all students through rigorous exceptional learning environments. For our students, the journey of their lives is rooted in, and rises from Fowler Unified.


    Core Values

    • High expectations and exceptional rigorous instruction
    • A commitment to value and respect our diverse communities
    • Sustaining a community focus on student success
    • The building of character through service learning



    1. Establishing district-wide policies and procedures that ensure greater alignment and transparency in the development and implementation of District initiatives, programs, and practices.
    2. Providing integrated student support services, increasing parental and student engagement, attendance, and Social Emotional Learning (SEL).
    3. Establishing a districtwide budget development and management system that promotes good stewardship and forethought.
    4. Developing and implementing rigorous instruction, while ensuring equitable access and culturally relevant learning experiences.