• Comprehensive School Safety Plan

    All California public schools must develop a Comprehensive School Safety Plan (CSSP), per California Education Code sections 32280-32289.5 . Each CSSP must address the safety concerns identified through a systematic planning process to include community stakeholders such as school staff, parents, students, and local first responders.  All staff members must be trained on the safety procedures for a school campus as outlined in the adopted CSSP. The CSSP must be reviewed and updated annually by a school's School Site Council and adopted by the School Board by March 1 of each calendar year.

    The adopted CSSPs must address the following areas:

    • Assessment of School Safety
    • Discipline Policies and Practices
    • Professional Development Areas
    • Counseling and Wellness Services
    • Community Relationships 
    • Safe School Programs and Strategies
    • Campus Security

    For additional information regarding a school site's CSSP, please contact the school site administrator or the Director of Student Services at (559) 834-6123.