Character Education / Service Learning

  • Fowler Big 10

    Dear Parents, Community Members and Interested Readers:
    We acknowledge that parents are the most important communicators of character values to their children. The Character Education/Service Learning Program of Fowler Unified School District is intended to build on what parents reinforce at home. Our goal is to be a support system for positive character development and civic engagement. The Character Education Committee feels that the ten character traits we call the “Big Ten” are values that students need to know and practice for academic success, vocational preparation, and responsible citizenship. These are three goals of public education.
    We encourage you to talk with your children about the Big Ten and the importance of service to the community. Discuss what character and service mean and why they are important for success in life. Students are much more likely to learn and practice these character values if they get the message from both parents and teachers and also have the opportunity to practice these character traits in their school community.
    Feel free to contact any of the committee members listed below if you have ideas or questions regarding the Character Education/Service Learning Program in Fowler Unified School District. Viewing the attached video will also give you a sense of what our students are accomplishing in Fowler Unified School District.
    Character Education/Service Learning Committee Members
    Amanda Ibal, Malaga Elementary
    Kirsten Coughlon, Fremont Elementary
    Navrup Dhanda, Fremont Elementary
    Talin Tanossian, Marshall Elementary
    Trisha Hirschkorn, Sutter Middle School
    Jayleen Budwig, Fowler High School
    Heather Ashcroft, Fowler Academy
    Gloria Regier- District Representative