Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


Fowler Unified School District is where all individuals are educated and empowered to be positive and productive global citizens who reach their full potential.


We provide an equitable and rigorous educational experience in a safe, nurturing, and inclusive environment in order to develop lifelong learners with a competitive and interconnected world view.


Lifelong Learning

Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion


Positive Relationships






Fully engage families and the community in support of educational outcomes. (LCAP)

Establish district-wide policies and procedures that ensure greater alignment and transparency in the development and implementation of District initiatives, programs, and practices. Developing and implementing a Fowler Unified School District Communication Plan that creates greater alignment and coherence in District internal and external communications.


Provide a positive environment that will improve student outcomes and close performance gaps. (LCAP)

Provide integrated student support services that will increase parental engagement, school attendance, and address Social Emotional Learning (SEL) that supports student engagement — including whether students attend school or
are chronically absent – and highlights school climate and connectedness.


Provide high-quality instruction to increase student achievement and close performance gaps for all students. (LCAP)

Engaging students through rigorous instruction based on high expectations for student achievement, while ensuring equitable access and culturally relevant learning experiences. Delivering effective research-based instruction which challenges students to discover and learn; prepares students for college and career; empowers students to be persistent; and provides students with authentic and innovative learning opportunities. Provide instruction based around cooperative, student-centered learning strategies that expand on individual student strengths, while fortifying areas of growth to propel students forward.


Ensure financial strength and sustainability of the school district while applying an equity lens to decision making.

Directing and maximizing financial resources to address the needs of the district through transparency and accountability with established processes and procedures to ensure long term financial stability.