As the new year begins, I wondered what I could do to make our library at Malaga School better. Here are my thoughts.... My library serves as a place where students can read, test, find information and resources. Librarians should be informational professionals who select, organize and provide services to students. My job is to understand the nature, likes and dislikes of each student and meet their needs in all areas of the library. I encourage, promote and inspire our students to read. The library is open during morning recess, lunch recess, guided reading and after school. Reading programs in the library include: Read Across America, (Dr. Seuss's Birthday), Book Talks with staff from FCOE and Fowler branch library, District Attorney Guest Reader, California Young Reader Medal, Book Bundles from FCOE and Fall/Spring book Fairs. I also encourage the staff to voice their thoughts and ideas to make sure our students are getting all the benefits the library has to offer.

    Mrs. Prieto,
    Library Technician



  • Library Hours

    10:30 - 3:30

    Students have access to the library All Day

    Children reading books

    A Book Can Ignite The Imagination

  • Library Search Tool

    Students, parents and teachers may now access library holdings at the Malaga library.

    Follett Destiny Library Catalog, Click Here


  • A Few Things You Should Know About Reading

    • Reading is a Skill. Reading takes practice. As children build confidence and success, their world opens up to new possibilities.

    • Kids need easy access to books to keep pace with their changing interests. Allow children to choose their own books. The books they self select are the books they will want to read.

    • Students who have the broadest reading experience score the highest on standardized reading and writing test.

    • Reading as little as 20 minutes a day improves a child's reading comprehension, speaking and thinking skills.

    • A Home Library will build a healthy habit of reading



  • Something to Think About...