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    Classroom Tips

    Tutoring: There are many tutoring opportunities for students that would like extra help in math. The morning sessions run from 7:30-8:14 am.The afternoon sessions run on the following days from 3:15-4:15 pm. There is a late bus available.

    *****LUNCH Monday/Tuesdsay/Thursday (Pafford) C-6

    Monday Morning Math (Whitaker) D-4 
    Monday After School Math (McDonough) D-7 
    Tuesday Morning (Flettner) C-2
    *****Tuesday After School Math (Aved) C-10*****
    Tuesday After School Math (Wood) D-4 
    Wednesdsay Morning Math (Whitaker) D-4 
    Thursday Morning (Flettner) C-2
    *****Thursday After School Math (Ovalle) C-3*****
    ***** = 7th grade teacher

    Homework: Homework is given approximately Monday-Thursday per week (check the weekly calendar). The homework is checked the next day but not collected till the day of the Quiz. Students must show work and write their answer in complete sentences (when appropriate), even if they were given permission to use a calculator.

    Tests: We will taking chapter tests once the lessons for the chapter are completed. If the student is not satisfied with their grade they may retake it for two weeks after they know their score (during 7th grade tutoring).