Core Instructional Beliefs

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    Core Instructional Beliefs


    • Direct, Interactive, Engaged Instruction – Fowler Unified Instructional Expectations emphasize the elements needed to design and deliver well-crafted lessons using rigorous content and appropriate technology to provide a high level of student engagement. Lesson design and delivery is based on the gradual release model using direct instruction, guided practice, independent practice, and extended learning activities.


    • California State Standards – Instruction is focused on California State Standards in all core subjects. These standards are focused on reading more expository/ informational text, writing in all subject areas, and integrated performance tasks at an increased level of rigor in Math and English/ Language Arts.


    • Data to Inform Instruction – Fowler Unified School District utilizes a wide variety of student data to measure performance and growth, including benchmark assessments in core subject areas, literacy and reading assessments, classroom quizzes/ tests/ projects, and state-mandated assessments – which are housed and analyzed utilizing on-line data management tools.


    • Advancing Academic Achievement (AAA)/ Professional Learning Communities PLC’s – Principals and teachers meet regularly with their staff to discuss teaching strategies and student outcomes. Time is designated during AAA/ PLC meetings for teachers and staff to review student data, share learning strategies and classroom practices, then act on what they learned to enhance instruction and improve student performance throughout the school.


    • Response to Intervention – All sites provide intervention programs and strategies for students struggling to meet grade level standards. Intervention services are delivered within the regular classroom setting, in small group settings, and in one-on-one sessions – depending on the needs of the students. Students are re-assessed after intervention has been provided to determine next steps


    • Safe and Healthy Learning Environment – Fowler Unified is committed to providing students with a safe and healthy learning environment which promotes social-emotional growth in all students.


    In summary, teachers in Fowler Unified School District are utilizing current best practices and strategies, technology, and collaborative approaches to instruct all students.


    We are every day, in every way, striving for continuous improvement.