Foggy Day Information

Foggy Day Information

Foggy day schedules are announced on Channel 18 or KMJ Radio-580 AM. (see below for plans) 

Plan A – 2 hour bus delay

Plan B – 3 hour bus delay

Plan C – A.M. buses cancelled

PLEASE NOTE: AAA/Early Release schedule is cancelled if a Foggy Day schedule is called.  Classes will end at their regularly scheduled time.



 MARSHALL  K – 2  9:15 A.M.  2:15 P.M.
 MALAGA  K – 2  9:15 A.M.  2:15 P.M.
 MALAGA  3 –  5  9:15 A.M.  3:10 P.M.
 FREMONT  3 – 5  9:15 A.M.  3:08 P.M.
 SUTTER  6 – 8  9:10 A.M.  3:14 P.M.
 FOWLER HIGH  9 – 12  8:14 A.M.   3:20 P.M.
 FOWLER ACADEMY    7 – 12  9:00 A.M.  2:20 P.M.

Students not using school bus transportation should only be transported to school when conditions become safe to drive.

Foggy Day Hotline

Fowler Unified School District has created a Foggy Day Hotline. Parents and students can call 559-834-6198 each morning for updated Foggy Day Bus information. Please note, the earliest a Foggy Day Bus schedule will be called is  6:30 a.m. Parents and students may start calling at that time. Updates will be made on this Hotline as changes are necessary.

Foggy Day Announcements: On Radio & TV

TV Channel 18 will again announce Foggy Day Schedules.  In addition, you may listen for Foggy Day Schedules on KMJ Radio, 580AM.  These are the only TV and radio stations we report Foggy Day Schedules to for broadcasting purposes.  Channel 18 will come on the air at 6:00 A.M.  When a Foggy Day Schedule is declared, buses will be scheduled to run two hours later (Plan A) than the regular schedule.  If after two hours it is still too foggy for the buses to run, an additional one-hour (Plan B – three hours total) delay will be declared.  If after three hours it is still too foggy to run the buses, all morning buses will be cancelled (Plan C), however buses will take students home after school.  

KMJ Radio, 580 A.M. will only broadcast Foggy Day Schedules up to 9:00 A.M.  Check Channel 18 for Foggy Day Schedules after 9:00 A.M.

“Fowler/Malaga Schools – Plan A”- This means that buses will run two hours late


“Fowler/Malaga Schools – Plan B” – This means there will be an additional one hour bus delay (3 hours total bus delay)


“Fowler/Malaga Schools – Plan C” – This means that morning buses are cancelled

Channel 18 lists school districts (Fowler/Malaga) in alphabetical order on the television screen for foggy day schedules.

For the past few years, we had several days when heavy fog moved in after the buses began their bus routes.  Should this condition occur again this year, bus drivers will pull their buses off the road when encountering unsafe conditions.  The length of the delay will depend on when the fog lifts enough for the bus driver to continue his/her route.  This may cause your child to wait for his/her bus for an extended period of time, but we feel these precautions are necessary to ensure maximum safety. Never leave children unattended while waiting for a bus. We encourage families to monitor their children until a bus arrives to transport your child. In addition, all Fowler Unified School District buses are equipped with two-way radios/cell phones and strobe lights for maximum safety and bus visibility.